Do you offer additional support for high need individuals?

Yes. Based on the results of the initial survey we’re able to identify high need areas within an organizations and offer up help in the form of 1-2-1 onsite clinic days and small group workshops.

What is the Professional programme?

The Professional programme drives employee wellbeing and performance by increasing employee night time sleep quality and reducing the negative effects of daytime stress on sleep. It does this by delivering bespoke live sleep education events and digital support products.

Do you run live onsite events?

Yes. All of The Sleep School’s Professional events can be delivered live onsite at your offices or online via webinar. We believe that having a live presenter is essential for boosting employee engagement and motivation both during and following the live sessions.

How many people can attend the live sessions?

For best results we would advise group numbers of between 30 and 40 people, although it depends on the content being presented. We regularly run workshops with 4 or 5 high need individuals, but have also run sessions with over 1000 employees in one session.

How effective is the Professional programme?

The effectiveness of the Professional programme is measured by surveying each client and their employees ‘before’ and ‘after’ completing the full programme. On average and across all companies we see the following results: - Sleep: 88% of employees report improvements in their ability to 'get good quality sleep' - Resilience: 76% of employees report improvements in their ability to 'manage daytime stress' - Transition: 83% of employees report  improvements in their ability to 'switch off and detach from work after work'

What is the Professional app?                                                   

The professional app is a digital support tool designed to help you improve the quality of your night time sleep so that you can perform at your very best during the day. Packed full of clinically proven tools and education to help manage stress, switch off from work and achieve great quality sleep, it offers you support when you need it most. 

What are the Professional programme’s tools and techniques based on?

All education and tools are empirically research proven and based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT has a large research base within the workplace proving it to be an effective tool for managing employee stress and anxiety and promoting resilience. For more information on ACT in the workplace research please read: https://workingwithact.com/what-is-act/act-in-the-workplace-research-references/

When is the best time to run a Professional programme?

We run our programmes according to when works best for your organization. This could coincide with your busiest time of the year to ensure that your employees get the support they need. Alternatively, it could integrate with your existing well being strategy.

How long does it take to run a complete Professional programme?

Given the bespoke nature of the programmes they can vary in timing and length from days to months. On average, most programmes begin with the delivery of a series of live events over an initial 4 week period. Additional support workshops and 1-2-1 clinics days are then scheduled in the following months to maintain employee engagement and support.